We Are The Lion

We Are The Lion, Let Us Roar
Grief? I am not ready
My Anger Runs Too Strong
And the War that has finally begun needs my Every Emotion
I will Grieve when We return Victorious

In my Life I have Watched the cowards, our enemy
Warriors they are not
Of God, they are certainly not

Warriors Of God do not kill Innocents

Now finally, We have Learned
We Must always say No
We Must always Resist
Freedom can never be put on hold

Not for gunmen, seeking Our money
Not for madmen, seeking Our Soul
No! No! No! That is Our Answer
To die speaking it is now Our Cause

We Are The Lion, Let Us Roar
Shout It from Our Tallest Statue
Sing It in Our Most Hallowed Halls
Live It in Each Breath We Exhale

Freedom is as Strong as We Can See
It is Our Lifeblood For Eternity
Let it Boil, Let it Rise
To Make Us One Against this foe

We Are The Lion, Let Us Roar
Let them learn quickly the Teeth of Our Truth
May the scars of those that survive Testify To Our Resolve
Causing the Freedom We Seek from their evil to Come at their cost

In Time, I Will Grieve for All who have died at their hands
My Tears Will then Flow without hesitation
They Will be Pure, distraction will not pollute them
And by then, They Will Have Reason for Hope

So Grief I cannot Give this moment
Not until I See All they thought they could destroy
Standing Anew in the Mid-Day Sun
Laughing at their vanity

We Are The Lion, Let Us Roar
For it is a Time for Roaring
As it is Time to Vanquish evil
To Rebuild All they thought they could take from Us

We Are The Wounded, Who Bow Not To Pain
We Are The Brave, Whose Strength Is From On High
We Are America, The Land Of The Free
We Are The Lion, Let Us Roar

Clayton Ernest Longacre
14 September 2001
copyright Clayton Ernest Longacre 2001